Ads of the Week: February 18

Big props to our friends at Mercury, Griffin’s and The Building Construction Industry Training Organisation.

Who is it for: FCB for Mercury
Why we like it: With the world becoming increasingly more eco-conscious, it was only a matter of time before New Zealand jumped on the bandwagon. Mercury and FCB sparked their campaign ‘kiss oil goodbye’ to prompt Kiwi petrol heads to depart their beloved motors, as difficult as it may be, and make the switch to electric cars. The result, a cleaner environment and 0 petrol prices, a win-win if you ask me.

Who is it for: True for Griffin’s
Why we like it: The one and only Cookie Bear has had a makeover and is set to inspire a new generation of kiwi kids to do what kids do best, scoff a packet of biscuits. True has revitalised the iconic bear for the modern New Zealand family with a modern, animated mascot who encourages imaginative play.

Who is it for: EightyOne for BCITO
Why we like it: The stigma behind trade careers in New Zealand is one that needs squashing. Now more than ever we need an increase in construction workers. Although many believe trades work is easy, as EightyOne rightfully points out ‘think you know the trades? Think again.’

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