Ads of the week: December 3

Everybody politely golf clap for Tiaki, Energy Online and Part Time Rangers.

Who is it for? Pitchblack for Part Time Rangers
Why we like it: It’s such an important message to portray that Sharks are not the monsters we have made them out to be, and that they are the sign of a healthy ocean. What really sold me was the lifeguard absolutely feeling that saxophone solo.

Who is it for? Contagion for Energy Online
Why we like it: It’s a hectic take for promoting an energy company. Love the typical trope of the dumb neighbour who is a lovable idiot, while the smart neighbour just gives advice and keeps away from the danger, shaking his head casually at some very serious health and safety regulations.

Who is it for? Augusto for Tiaki
Why we like it: The Tiaki Promise is an important one, that Kiwi kids will promise to look after the land for our future children. More so than what we’ve promised them. The campaign shows that our youth are the ones driving change, and they’re better suited too.

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