Ads of the week: April 7

Props this week go to DDB, Ogilvy and oOh!media.

Who is it for? DDB for KidsCan
Why we like it: Visual striking and a stark reminder of our large poverty divide in New Zealand. This campaign draws us in with the familiar charisma of our Kiwi chefs then punches us in the face with reality.

Who is it for? Ogilvy for Cadbury
Why we like it: You can’t deny this is, as the French say, cute as shit. A sweet message for a very sweet time.

Who is it for? oOh!media for the Teddy Bear Hunt
Why we like it: A simple, caring initiative to inspire community connectedness for our littlest Kiwis. Props to oOh!media for using their screens for such a meaningful thing.

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