Ads of the week: April 21

ThinkTV, Augsto and DDB have all shown love to New Zealanders this week, and we couldn’t be prouder to be Kiwi.

Who is it for: ThinkTV for advertisers

Why we like it: Short and straight to the point, this simple ad shows gratitude towards brand advertisers who have supported New Zealand media during the lockdown.

Who is it for: DDB for The Warehouse

Why we like it: In light of the nationwide teddy hunt, this overly heartwarming ad focuses on a teddy sat in the window, feeling alone, when all of a sudden he notices other neighbourhood teddies. When all the teddies begin to wave to each other and the message ‘stay safe, we can’t wait to see you again’ appears, the campaign reminds us to be optimistic.

Who is it for: Augusto for Wendy’s

Why we like it: Our essential workers are being overloaded with thankyou’s in recent campaigns, and as they should be. This one is nice as it features The Warriors’ players appreciating those on the front line and is also another reminder for the rest of us to stay at home.

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