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How do New Zealand's top marketers cope under pressure?

As the sponsor of the TVNZ-NZ Marketing 'Marketer of the Year', Energi thought it would ask the candidates how they are coping with today’s ‘Always On’ working lifestyle.

By Lew Bentley | October 9, 2018 | Sponsored content

It seems that these days we are all living with the reality of always being on and available.

We are subject to daily waves of email, both solicited and spam. Our social feeds are constantly prodding us to keep up, to like or comment. Our efforts to read and search are bombarded with pop-ups to buy, and we are constantly tracked and re-marketed. Our work and private time is blurred. It is normal for people to spend meeting times distracted by emails. Wherever you look – in the street, in cars, in restaurants, at the beach, at home – people are heads-down buried in their devices.

In a working context an assumption has been evolving that we are always available, always ready to respond and always on.

We quizzed the New Zealand Marketer of the Year finalists about how they deal with this Always On lifestyle and how it impacts on their working life. Here’s what they had to say:

All of them are ‘Usually On’ for work and half feel they are ‘Always On’.

“I drop my kids to school in the morning which allows me to connect with their school friends, teachers, other parents. That means I'm not at m