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Courageous Fairfax staffers band together to bring news to Christchurch

By , 2011-02-28 21:32:47

Image: The historic Press building was badly damaged in last week's earthquake and, sadly, Fairfax lost one of its staff members in the disaster. But, as The Press editor Andrew Holden's story details, even when surrounded by death and destruction, journalistic duty kicked in and, with the help of the other Fairfax hubs, the team somehow managed to get a paper out the next day. And as the rest of New Zealand watched and listened to the broadcasts, many Christchurch residents were still without power, which meant the local papers became the main source of information. Sandra King, group sales and marketing manager, Fairfax Media, sent this note to agency partners and clients about the state of the Christchurch paper, which is set to celebrate its 150th anniversary in May.

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A message from Adgraphix's Scott Shore

By , 2011-02-28 20:24:12

An earthquake influenced five metre print Everyone from the Adgraphix team in Christchurch made it through the earthquake safely and the large-format printers are once again fully operational. But company director Scott Shore says it's time for businesses—both in Canterbury and around New Zealand—to stay positive and support each other. 

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Healthy Food Guide heads off on its big OE

By , 2011-02-28 19:52:13

New Zealanders are well-accustomed to seeing foreign magazines on the shelves. But New Zealand mags being published overseas? Surely not. Well, after a very successful run in Australasia, the Healthy Food Guide is heading to the UK after publishing company Eye to Eye Media licensed the mag from its Kiwi owners Healthy Life Media.

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MediaWorks worm turns as positive 2010 numbers announced

By , 2011-02-28 01:58:49

MediaWorks has been under a huge amount of financial pressure recently as its private equity paymasters Ironbridge attempt to cut costs and squeeze out some much-needed cash. And while the losses reported in 2009 were massive, things appear to be looking up slightly, with figures for the year ended August 2010 showing earnings before interest and tax of $50 million, an 11 percent improvement on the previous year's total of $45 million. Consolidated revenue across the group was $258 million for the year, up one percent from $256 million the year before.

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Bloomsberry hops to the top

By , 2011-02-27 23:36:14

A sense of humour and some design prowess can get you a long way. In fact, for Kiwi-founded and now London-based designer chocolate bar company Bloomsberry & Co, it can take you all the way from New Zealand to the UK, and beyond.

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A message from The Media Dept's Niven Boyle

By , 2011-02-27 22:54:23

Greetings from the remains of The Media Dept. Appreciate you advising that Stacey and I are safe and well and trucking on. Our building at Ground Zero was actually a damn good place to be. Whilst it may be very old, the complete refurbishment two years ago has meant it is as strong a place as any and stood up well enough for me to (stupidly?) race back in and get mobiles and the laptop! But the devastation in our area at High/Lichfield/Manchester is massive and unfortunately a lot of people will have perished around us.

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Special Group, Clemenger BBDO and Colenso grin gold at AWARD

By , 2011-02-27 22:18:44

It has been said that AWARD golds are rarer than both hen's teeth and fish lips and that was proven once again on Friday night, when just six were handed out and some Cannes Gold winners left with only bronzes. But in news that's sure to further warm the cockles of New Zealand's ad scene, half of them went to Kiwi agencies. 

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Let us know how you're helping—and how others can help [UPDATED]

By , 2011-02-27 20:37:58

There are a number of companies, both small and large, trying to do their bit to help Christchurch. So if you've got something planned, if you're giving a donation, or if you need to get a message out, let us know and we'll update this page regularly and try to spread the word. The Ministry of Civil Defence says the best way to help people affected by the quake is through cash donations so if you haven't already, visit Red Cross.

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'The Journal' wipes floor at RSVP and Nexus awards

By , 2011-02-27 20:27:46

It felt wrong to be celebrating anything on Friday night, let alone excellence in response-driven marketing, but DraftFCB and The Ministry of Health's 'The Journal' campaign absolutely dominated the RSVP and Nexus awards, taking home the RSVP Grand Prix and the Nexus Supreme Awards—the first time this has been achieved in the 23 year history of the awards—and eight other golds.

Pink ponies! Noodle attack! Revolutionary hurdling technique! Harrison Ford! Warning labels! Sushi sabres! And more!

By , 2011-02-24 22:39:19

If ad agencies planned birthday parties. When Noodles attack. Jumping is for sissies. Real men barge. Harrison Ford like you've never seen him; the Forbes' list of the 25 most ridiculous warning labels; Coca-Cola embraces Robo-schtick with Daft Punk bottles; the perfect present ...

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Designworks' Sven Baker: New Zealand's design industry must unite to help Christchurch

By , 2011-02-24 21:58:10

We have to mobilise the New Zealand design community around the relief and rebuild efforts in Christchurch. This means we have to coordinate our own meaningful industry response. We have an important role to play in assisting both now and throughout the rebuilding of a shattered city. And I think this can work at two levels.

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TradeMe powers on for Fairfax Media as Kiwi operations up profits

By , 2011-02-24 21:33:45

Aussie-based media behemoth Fairfax Media has released its results for the last half of 2011, with  TradeMe continuing to shine and the New Zealand arms of the business also reporting double digit profit increases despite a slow economy.

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Creative boffins from distant lands chosen to pass AXIS judgement

By , 2011-02-24 20:00:35

CAANZ has announced the three foreign dignitaries for Axis 2011, with Kiwi expat Andy Fackrell of 180 (Amsterdam), Bryan Rowles of 72 and Sunny (Los Angeles) and Dejan Rasic of Colman Rasic (Sydney) making up the illustrious international award hogging panel.

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Duelling directories settle domain squatting stoush as Yellow chief steps down

By , 2011-02-24 04:20:05

It's been an unusually exciting week in the world of business directories: first came news the NZ Post-run Localist was suing Yellow. And now Yellow Pages Group chief executive Bruce Cotterill has stepped down, although the two events are said to be unconnected.

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0133 and MediaWorks offer assistance with new Christchurch info line

By , 2011-02-24 03:03:15

Soon-to-launch business directory 0133 has partnered with Mediaworks and deployed a free-to-call service to take non-emergency queries and ease pressure on already strained emergency phone numbers in Christchurch.

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