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Badeebadeebadee, that's all folks

By , 2010-12-17 02:18:59

This is the last official StopPress day of the year. Thank God, we—and probably you—say. We're off to gorge ourselves to within an inch our lives over Christmas, tip over a few cars and throw bottles at the police as we celebrate a traditional Kiwi New Years and try valiantly to avoid getting sunburnt tops of the feet. Hearty thanks to all our readers, advertisers, sponsors, contributors, commentors and team members. It's been a great first year for us and, as per usual, an interesting year for what really is a pretty damn exciting industry to work in (imagine being an accountant? Borrrring). It was a helluva lot of fun writing about it all and we look forward to more frivolity, tomfoolery and cheesy puntastic headlines next year, starting 17 January (well, as much as you can look forward to getting back to work just before you go on holiday). Have a good'un, StopPressers. And make sure you fill in our survey, which will be up over the break.

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The year in review: Dave Walden

By , 2010-12-17 01:29:31

2010's been a mixed bag for TBWA\, losing the massive ASB account to Droga5 yet doing very well with 2degrees. To his credit, chief executive Dave Walden held his tongue and acted very professionally following what he calls the "ASB debacle" (and he also takes the prize for year's best quote with "you've got to look at the silver lining in every fucking cloud"). As for the future, the agency has some big plans to bring digital to the centre of the agency offering and, given it seems to have missed out on a couple of pitches recently, it will be gunning for some more business next year. So, take it away Devo. 

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The year in review: James Mok

By , 2010-12-16 23:55:50

DraftFCB has followed up a rip snorter in 2009 with another rip snorter this year. It's picked up a swag of new business, it's at the top of its social messaging game, it's the consummate all-rounder, it won the big one at the CAANZ Media Awards, it was unlucky to lose out to cat food for Best in Show at the Effies and, perhaps most importantly, it's still unbeaten in the Balls of Steel table tennis tournament after taking down Colenso in the second round last night. James Mok, executive creative director, gets his opinion on.

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The year in review: Donna O'Keeffe

By , 2010-12-16 23:20:40

With the release of a very popular iPad app, some impressive print readership numbers, an excellent performance at the Qantas Media Awards and a good battle with Stuff for New Zealand's online eyeball honours, APN shouldn't be complaining too much over the Christmas break. Here's what floated the boat of Donna O'Keeffe, advertising director at

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Bullet enters Ogilvy

By , 2010-12-16 23:01:49

Ogilvy NZ liked Bullet PR's online nous and Bullet PR liked Ogilvy's technical cred, so they've joined forces under the unified (yet slightly ungainly) banner of Ogilvy 360˚Digital Influence.

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The year in review: Abe Dew

By , 2010-12-16 22:46:39

It was all about 'reverse integration' for bcg2 this year, after it merged with Grey Global Group. And with some solid work for Lion and Audi, as well as the recent acquisition of the Esquires account, the new relationship seems to be going fairly swimmingly so far. Director of strategy and planning Abe Dew (who's written a great piece on agency/client relationships in the latest NZ Marketing magazine, by the way) pipes up on 2010.

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The year in review: Fiona Woolley

By , 2010-12-16 22:17:09

New Zealand Post sponsors and runs a huge number of industry events, awards and competitions. And, with Localist moving into the directories space recently, a range of new tech-related developments like Send-a-Card and some flash new data toys on offer, it's been busily going about its future-proofing business this year. So, pull up a chair and see what Fiona Woolley, manager, market engagement at Targeted Communications, had to say about 2010.

Memes! Diva toys! Waikato! Reaper! Antibiotics! WWF! Circles with lines through them!

By , 2010-12-16 21:46:25

When two memes collide. Diva toys. And another one. The next instalment of Sky's Rugby World Cup 'Match Fit' campaign. It's why everyone runs, innit? A McDonald's bombshell; a very cool new file format developed by WWF that can ...

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Change not quite as good as a holiday as...

By , 2010-12-16 21:30:41

... a dynamic duo is announced for Effie duties, TVNZ's Breakfast gets its new co-hosts, adstream NZ increases its staff arsenal, MediaWorks says goodbye to some long-serving news staffers and Robyn Janes opens a production outfit in Hokitika. This is the last edition of Movings/Shakings of 2010. There, there, don't cry. We'll be back next year and we promise to quench your nigh-on insatiable thirst for employment scandals, unexpected departures, dastardly poachings, new postings (all of which will be written in capital letters to show their importance) and various industry accolades.

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The year in review: Lachlan McPherson

By , 2010-12-16 20:06:05

Publicis Mojo has finished the year on a high, having recently announced Mike Barnwell as executive creative director following Rebecca Carrasco's short-lived tenure in the role and winning the Subway creative account. Its work on Vogel's and Steinlager Pure through the year was well-received and it has also launched a new campaign to try and up Hallensteins' street cred. So, here's what creative director Lachlan McPherson thought about 2010.

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Inside the divide: what Kiwi dads and sons want for Christmas

By , 2010-12-16 01:11:42

Colmar Brunton is in the midst of launching its new Youth division, bringing in Spencer Willis of 18 and 18tracker fame to spearhead the initiative. And it looks like he’s brought one of his old habits with him, because he's started producing free reports on youth culture for general consumption and entertainment. And the first of many out of the newly named CByouth camp is 'Baby Boomer Dad’s and Gen Y Sons'.

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The year in review: Paul White

By , 2010-12-16 00:06:14

Another crop of bright young advertising things has been put through their paces at AUT University's School of Communications this year. And, with 12 of the 19 students who showed their wares at the end of year show getting placements, Paul White, senior lecturer/creative director of the Ad Creativity course, says it was a pretty good vintage. Here are some of the things that did and didn't tickle his fancy in 2010.

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Stella Artois—on ice

By , 2010-12-15 23:11:44

At a time when cringey Christmas e-cards and PR naffery come thick and fast, it's nice to see something that doesn't make you want to scratch your eyes out. The latest Stella Artois retro fest to hit New Zealand screens, 'She is a thing of beauty' by Mother London, is a gem. And the "customised musical e-card" viral Une Superproduction Musicale that's been released for the festive season is too. It's part of a digital campaign to build on Stella Artois’ heritage as a premium beer originally crafted for Christmas and the vid has a retro ice-skating theme, self-deprecatingly crappy lyrics, a weird looking frontman and a personalised message from the sender to the recipient that can be sent via email or Facebook. Check it out here. We can only hope a southern hemisphere version is made next year.

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The year in review: Wendy Rayner

By , 2010-12-15 20:43:54

Instant Kiwi's 'Believe it or Not' and Lotto's 'Lucky Dog' (which is close to reaching the 500,000 views mark on YouTube) were two of the year's favourite campaigns. And the Scratchy Bus was pretty damn cool too. Thanks DDB and Wendy Rayner, NZ Lotteries' head of marketing.

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Agencies announce a few stocking stuffers...

By , 2010-12-15 20:15:26

... as Subway shacks up with Publicis Mojo, bcg2 sweeps Esquires of its feet, BallantyneTaylor gets into grass growing and Lily & Louis is appointed to manage the PR campaign for the relaunch of Line 7's menswear range.

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